Get the Details on San Juan Pools and Pool Installation Cost Today

San Juan Pools is one of the top brands of fiberglass pools in the market. At Pelican Pools, we are a proud installer. We can talk to you about the various options that are available to you so that you can have a pool of your dreams.

Pool installation is extremely customizable. This ensures that you get the kind of pool that meets all of your needs. We also want to make sure that it fits your budget comfortably. Pools can be quite an investment, and we can help you with the costs.

The first step is to decide what kind of pool you want, what the details are going to be, as well as any additions you may want. The good news is that San Juan Pools offer a diverse selection to meet your needs. The shell is only one aspect of the price. However, it helps to get the price established based on the overall configuration – shape, depth, and dimensions. Once you know the shell you want, the rest is easier to discuss.

Once you have chosen specifications on the pool, it will make it easier for us to discuss the pool installation cost as well as any other costs that may be associated with getting your pool. We can talk to you about financing options as well as ways to get a budget pool so that you can enjoy the recreational space without breaking the bank.

We handle every aspect of the pool installation, from excavation to backfill. We’ll dig down as deep as necessary based on how deep you want your pool to be. We take care of the permitting, too, so there’s nothing left for you to worry about.

Our visual 3D renderings make it easier for you to approve the design of the pool. We’ll show you a 3D video of what the pool is going to look like in your backyard. From there, we’ll establish a full pool installation cost for you to approve.

In approximately four weeks, we can have your entire pool installed. Just think – you can be soaking in your very own pool in about a month.

Every pool is a little different, so it pays to talk with one of our pool contractors. We’ll make recommendations based on the size of your property. We’ll also help you make decisions based on what kind of budget you’re working with. There are many details but we help you with them all to ensure that it’s perfect by the end.

A San Juan pool in Palm Coast can be just what you’ve always wanted. With our professional installation of a fiberglass pool, it provides you with something beautiful, durable, and highly desirable.