Take Pool Planning to the Next Level to Enjoy Fiberglass Pools

Finding San Juan Pools near me is a top option because of the high-quality brand. Before you start getting too far into the pool planning process, you will want to contact us. At Pelican Pools, we can walk you through the entire process.

When you are searching for fiberglass pools near me in Palm Coast, we are here to help.

There are so many possibilities that exist with pool installation. Before you can get started, you have to think about what you’re going to use the pool for. How many people do you anticipate inside at once? Is it for leisure or for laps? All of these questions will make it easier to settle on a shape and size.

We’re proud to use San Juan Pools as our liners. These fiberglass liners are high-quality, dependable pools. Once you choose the liner as your base, we can work with you on all of the other design elements.

With San Juan Pools near me, you get the benefit of having a beautiful pool. However, that’s just the beginning. You may want some added features in your pool, such as a hot tub or fountains. You may also want a slide or a diving board.

When you set an appointment for pool planning, we take the time to go over all of the details. This allows you to choose each and every item you want to be incorporated into your pool design. The pool installation is only one component – and it can be personalized in hundreds of different ways.

When you decide you want to explore fiberglass pools near me, you have to be conscious of costs. There is more to the cost than simply the shell (or liner).

The installation includes not only the shell but also the excavation and backfill, the filter, the pump, and the filling of the pool. This ensures that you have an actual pool to swim in.

You will want to consider some other details of your pool installation – like the electrical to be run for the pumps, any decking and fencing that you want, and various other options.

At the very least, you’re likely going to want decking so that you can create a full atmosphere around your pool. These costs will depend on the material as well as what kind of perimeter you want to have around the swimming pool.

While the process can seem overwhelming, it’s not something you have to do alone. When you’re ready to start planning a fiberglass pool for your home in Palm Coast, we’re here to help. One of our pool contractors will meet with you to discuss the details and provide you with a full cost estimate.